Greelan Language Laboraotry Dedicated To Educational Public Service

In 2016, Greelan Language Lab start to dedicate to Educational Public Service. 

During the Dragon Boat holiday, Greelan General Mananger Mr. Guo came to Yong Le Primary School for donation. We bring many school things like the pen, books, etc to the students and also some foods for poor families. 

In the journey, we make a survey for the school Language learning. At present, because of the language lab shortage, the students only have a little chance to use digital language laboratory system to learn English. After communication, the school decide to pay much attention to the language learning and Greelan promise to give them much support on the English language laboratory building.

Hope the students will have a happy and joyful study life.

                                   Parts of Donation Goods

                            Mr Guo hand out the gift to schools

                                      Volunteers playing Pinpong with the students