Greelan GD5110BV Language Laboratory Equipment Was Founded In Punjab University Lahore

On December 19, 2016, Another Greelan English language laboraotry was built in Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan. 

Punjab university use our model GD5110BV digital language lab. GD5110BV language lab system is very steady. It can not only support to transfer audio material but also vedio material to the students.It makes the school and university language learning much more easier and happier. Below are the detailed information:

Language laboratory is a tool for learning languages. Include English language lab and Chinese language lab, our lab system can be used to learn any language like Arabic, Russian, Spanish etc.

If any interest, please feel free to contact. Hope our language lab can be built in your school and university soonest.

                  Language Lab Software Trainning

                       Language Lab Room