Congratulate GREELAN Technology New Product Successfully Research And Development

    With the development of science and technology, mobile terminal and network resourse become more and more 

popular, then Mobile Learning has gradually become one of the latest trends in E-leaning research and application. Under

such circumstances, our company lanuched a brand new product--GW7120 WIRELESS BASED LANGUAGE LAB. 

We are the learde in language lab filed, especially in wireless network transmission, audio and video editing and other 


  GW7120 WIRELESS BASED LANGUAGE LAB, can achieve learning resuorse transmission real-time, interactive and 


  The combition of mobile voice teaching and classroom teaching greatly improved the teaching quality and effciency,

 broght a new innovation and experience to students and teacher's methods, then truly realized "the education exist 

every, and anywhere learning."


GW7120 System Advantages:

1.      Supported 40  languages ;

2.       According to the size of interface, pixels resolution can automatically change;

3.       Wireless based language lab system supported the own picture of students

4.       Steady wireless system, wireless coverage can up to 300m;

5.       Supported all kinds of materials such as word, pdf, picture ,video, audio, ect;

        6.      Intelligent oral test system



                                                        GW7120 Topological Graph