The History and the Major Advantages of Digital Language Lab

1970s,the concept of “Digital language learning “ originated in Europe. But until 2002, it was occurred in China, then it was applied to language learning. Based on the advanced DPS and Streaming media technology,  then make data transmission getting more  professional digital effects.

Digital Language Lab Times
From 2002 to 2007, we called Digital language lab times in China. These years is the Peak Period for digital language laboratory system. Then it was commonly used in language teaching system, especially in universities, high schools, even in primary schools. It made language teaching more interesting and  lively. Millions of teachers and students have been benefited from Digital Language Lab System.

Major Advantages of Digital Language Lab:
Compared with the analog-digital conversion, digital language lab system has the following advantages:
1.less hardware and easy connection
2.supported video, audio and other materials transmission
3.easy operation
4.low carbon, practical and economical